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e_7873_lWHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT:  I have background in IT Security, research and development, life sciences, pharmaceutical industry, ITIL, Quality management, Project management, Marketing.

Its in my nature to search for all the information hidden in details in anything and everything I do. Using SNA and Data mining approach gives great opportunity to search huge portion of information to find hidden aspects and to be fast and accurate. It´s is not only the job. It is the curiosity which drives me forward.

Thanks to my GIS IGM experience I know precisely, which data to hide, what is strictly confidential and what is eligible to be published.

WHAT I DO:  It is Carl Sagan´s “stargazing” upon the data in general. Searching new connections, facts, different points of view and unexpected outcomes. It combines Data Mining and Social network analysis. There is always a story at the end of each analysis.

It is transforming of an information into the knowledge.

WHY IT WORKS: It is invaluable for every area where you cannot afford to stick to thinking “inside of the box”. In some companies, still the highest achievement is to read “Excel sheets”.  Can you recall this from your own experience, too?



I am continually searching for best solution to get the visualizations interactive and iterable as a data object at the same time. I have good results with Python´s libraries like “Twisted”, “NetworkX” and “Lightning”. D3.js library of JavaScript is also very promising.  Same for Neo4J.

Also, the Splunk. Splunk is a great tool for much more than only data science.

I have also promised to my audience, that there will be printouts available in the form of posters. Some of the data visualizations are really nice and since I was approached by many people wanting me to provide this, I wont give up till I will find reasonable solution.

Do you want to join me? – Its more than welcome. I am happy to explain more in detail every single of my analysis.  Also I am open to various ways of cooperation.

Reach me over my contact page.



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