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About this Project

Purpose of this web project is to:

  1. Demonstrate the power of Data Science with regards to Big Data analysis and Machine learning.
  2. Illustrate the contribution of this analytical approach to various areas of interest.
  3. By using exploratory data analytics I am building the methods for future automation of the whole process. This is where Basic research is involved in its interdisciplinary manner. And where an Artificial intelligence comes into the game.

Here is more information about The Analysis itself in general.

Aside of the algorithms for each use case, there are visualizations – The Pictures. They are generated as a visual add to understand underlying analytical process as well as map the data within.
In this section there is described an Artistic dimension of the pictures.

An actual intellectual property of project “4n6strider” resides in decisions for algorithms and classification of data in each use case.
All methods are based on general “Data Science” algorithms, best practices or statistical methods used in basic research.
This is all based on my experience or based on cooperation with the community. {Mentioned where applicable.}

There is no specific research topic this project would be dedicated to.
However, certain choice of topics is of course by my background.
There is several kinds of studies listed on this web, classified by the nature of the data:

  • Open Source
    {Uses Open source tools, publicly available data and information within is neither confidential according to the Data Privacy Act of EU, nor belongs to third party. This section is planned to be GNU licensed in future. }
  • Double blinded commercial studies
    {Data from real life business cases, so called double blinded. Using this process, it is not possible to trace the source of information and the data contained in the study. What is published, serves only as an example to demonstrate certain fact, system or situation. NDA might be involved.}
  • Simulations
    {In this group, there are studies composed from real life business case data, double blinded and altered according to my professional experience to highlight certain fact, system or situation.}


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