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IT Security

E-book scam before Christmas

Someone is always listening

Sleeping Android connections

Honeynet: A 30 days of network traffic security monitoring

A phishing story

Ransomware during the Outbreak: Do you just WannaCry?

Facebook 1: Private friend list map

Penetration test of mobile devices 1 - WiFi

Spying on the hackers 1 – SIEM tool

Semantic Analysis of Knowledge Management

WiFi Security – Encryption methods distribution

Threat Intelligence – A service footprint on Twitter

Kevin Mitnick – a personal Twitter footprint

Various SIEM -a product footprint on the Twitter

General Electrics (GE): A company footprint on Twitter

Botnet traffic over SSL

Organization Chart – map of people´s influence

Incident response process

Port Scan caught by SIEM

Visualization of undisclosed Intranet

Zeus botnet global infection distribution

Handling of incoming SPAM emails

Private social network aggregation

The team Blue

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