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What is it with the picture? What is the actual value in this effort?

Where do all the data come from?

  • In most cases, I have collected data from HoneyPots, open Proxy or other public available sources.
  • Alternatively, I have collected the data during my work and to be able to publish the outputs, I have anonymized all inputs immediately. Therefore It shows the structure in datasets but no confidential information is disclosed.

Can I give you my own data set for analysis?

  • Yes, I do analyze also data of other parties. If you want me to do it for free, you have to be either non-profit organization or a student.
  • For commercial subjects, it is negotiable. Depending on time, efforts and purpose.

Is your scope restricted to IT Security?

  • Of course not! I like to analyze all kind of data:-)
  • Particularly I like data from Social Networks, IT Security and Machine data in general, Finance, Health, Toxicology, Bio-statistics..
  • Life sciences and Genetics is also part of my scope.

Can you provide me ML/AI model for study xyz:

  • No, although all of the studies can be useful for feature extraction or evaluation, I am no ML expert, yet ;-)The studies however are intended to be provided to the real ML experts who might miss the understanding of the subject and need structured input.

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