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I want my series now

You enjoy to watch your favorite series online, right? How about even downloading it for later. I am not speaking here about Netflix or HBOgo, but the semi -illegal places where you can watch all the episodes for free or even download it. Or maybe you like those galleries, where you see funny pictures while clicking trough 20 changing slides. These are so called click farm and require the same precautions. I am sure you know how to do this already, so let me just sum up some good practices:
  1. By illegal downloading or streaming, you might break the law. Just be aware of it.
  2. Always use “incognito mode”. How about VPN?
  3. But, never ever use the VPN offered by the advertisement on these online streaming websites.
  4. Don’t click on any advertisements, close the co – opening websites. Some of them are just marketing, some of them might steal your passwords and even worse. If the file is too big then they’d probably added some surprise for you. Avoid downloading that one.
  5. So, you got the video, but it is asking you to download additional codes in order to play it? Just delete that, scan your device for viruses. Do not ever install the codecs recommended this way or even search for them. It’s an old trick, yet still works and you get owned!
  6. Generally, consider anything you touch there as dirty, infected and try to close it as soon as possible.
  7. Sometimes there is so called malwertisement involved: Malicious advertisement forcing you either to buy crappy, expensive or even malicious software like bad VPN, weird antivirus solution.. Don’t download it even for free, do not ever try even for the trial.
  8. Speaking about the malware, keep your device updated, patched and your antivirus solution installed and active. Seriously, Apple is vulnerable as well and “Windows Defender” is not good enough! None of the free AV solution is. [There I said it..]
  9. In case you notice some unusual activity, consider yourself hacked and act accordingly.
  10. By that I mean: Cover the webcam. Remember what you did, when it has happened, save the file you downloaded and installed, note the malicious URL, save the SPAM mail message which caused the harm. If you like, share it with me – here’s how.
  11. Enjoy your show!

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