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Websites visualization 1

With help of an open source crawler base data structures were generated from various websites.

Picture can be used as an input for SEO optimization, website migration and “health check” and other administration tasks.

Example of finance – consulting company´s website:

Shared data nodes depicts that some structure optimalisation could be used to increase performance of the website.

Green – htm(l) elements, Orange – .css, Blue – .php, Grey – “menu” items.


Website of an university. Each department has clearly visible structure on the picture while central part shows main menu items:

  1. with nodes


2) only edges


Another interesting example : The brothel. There is public section on its website and then another section colored by purple which is available only to reliable customers.  Due to security flaw on the web, crawler managed to scrap both sections.


Website with visible remarks of the SEO optimization:


Web of certain Czech finance institution:


raw-mfa vlmedia 1 1-labels


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